Hawkhurst Parish Council

Hawkhurst Parish Council has thirteen Members. The Council members serve on at least one of the managing committees which control buildings or land owned or managed by the Council and manage the Council’s administration. The Council and its committees operate within strict Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and committees also have Terms of Reference setting out their duties.

“Hawkhurst Village Magazine is independent from Hawkhurst Parish Council and does not reflect the views of Hawkhurst Parish Council”

Hawkhurst Parish Council and Committee Meeting Dates  2018-19

HPC office opening hours

Public Attendance at Meetings Hawkhurst Parish Council. Oct 2017

Public Basic Allowance annoucement 17.9.18                   Hawkhurst Parish Council Remuneration Panel Report 31 July 2017

All Members are currently either ineligible or have exercised their right to decline Parish Basic Allowance.

Members Register of Interests:

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NDP – Notice of Referendum

NDP Notice of Poll

NDPHawkhurst Referendum Result of Poll 08.02.18

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