Hawkhurst Parish Council

Councillors and contacts

The Parish Office is open to the public Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 12.00 pm.
Hawkhurst Parish Council
Chairman Ms Clare Escombe [email protected] 07712 397400
Buildings Committee
Cllr Mr Paul Whittle [email protected] 753723
Cllr Mrs Jane Payne [email protected] 07912 413378
Cllr Mr Brian Fitzpatrick
Cllr Mrs Barbara Weeden [email protected] 753458
Cllr Mr Martin Taylor-Smith [email protected] 07711 492040
Land Committee
Cllr Mr John Hunt [email protected] 753041
Cllr Mr Phil Jones [email protected] 752729
Cllr Mr Richard Lusty [email protected] 754376
Cllr Mr Mike Appelbe [email protected] 752367
Planning Advisory Group
Cllr Ms Clare Escombe
Cllr Mrs Jane Payne
Cllr Mrs Barbara Weeden
Cllr Mr Richard Lusty
Cllr Dr Michael Robertson
Finance and General Purposes
Cllr Ms Clare Escombe
Cllr Mr Paul Whittle
Cllr Mr Brian Fitzpatrick
Parish Office
Parish Clerk Mr Richard Griffiths [email protected] 01580 752058
RFO Ms Anita Maxwell [email protected] 01580 752058
The Office at the Moor, Hawkhurst

Kent TN18 4NT


[email protected]



Parish Clerk

Mr Richard Griffiths

Hawkhurst Parish Council
The Moor
Kent TN18 4NT

Tel: 01580 752 058

Email: [email protected]